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Our team of hardworking software developers carry out complete e-commerce projects from start to finish. Projects like these are "bread and butter" for our team and the work is of the highest quality. We are recognized as a top E-Commerce Design & Development Company on DesignRush.

E-store design:

A well-designed store is the foundation of e-business operations. Carefully plan the presentation of products and services, then turn the simplest shopping path for the customer in an easy and accessible way. In addition, the administrator interface must be equipped with the necessary functions to monitor sales and analyze statistics, so as to optimally manage the offer and content.


Livechat today is no longer just an additional feature of your platform. This is an absolute requirement for anyone who wants to be on the market and serve customers. If the customer does not receive a quick answer to a question bothering him about products, services or the purchasing process, he will leave your site and will not come back to you anymore. Well implemented livechat can increase sales results by 30% so don't underestimate this tool!


Callcenter, just like Livechat, is a very important sales instrument. It is obvious that even medium-sized platforms may have a problem with the organization of their own callcenter service, so the best way is to outsource this service to specialized units that will professionally and comprehensively serve your clients while you can focus on other more important aspects of your business.

Customer care:

Customer care service is a complex process in many areas. It is important to ensure that the customer is properly treated, receives all necessary information in a timely manner to make a purchase or to complete the transaction from payment to delivery, as well as through warranty processes. Essential knowledge and skills in managing customer service tools, makes your sales results start to reach a new level.

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